Product teaser!

Product teaser!

The Lost Moorlands Trading Post and Waystation*

!!!–Coming soon to a star system near you–!!!

See below for some of the services and companies!

*The Lost Moorlands Trading post and Waystation is a wholly owned subsidiary of House Everlaenaeri


WelComeback Inn & Tavern

Need a place to relax after a hard day of exploring alien ruins?  Tired of space rations and synthesized foods?  Need to recharge yourself?  Need a safe place to duck into and grab a drink?  Come visit the famous Inn of legend!

Friendly atmosphere, great food, and better than average drinks; after you have several, they get better or you pay more!

“Once you come in, you won’t want to leave!”


The Chop Shop

Looking for some upgrades to your ship?  Need some “modifications” done?  Want to buy a gently used ship?  Wanting a new standard or custom-built ship?  We handle all your spacefaring needs!

“If we can’t chop it, no one can!”


Loot & Scoot outfitters

“If it ain’t a weapon or a ship, we got it.  If we ain’t got it, we’ll get it.  If we can’t get it don’t exist.  Buy something or get out.”


Under the Knife’

 Want a better looking you?  A tougher, stronger, or faster body?  Looking to get a Network Neural Interface for quick connecting to a worldnet or your weapons?  Don’t rely on hokey religions for self-improvement!  Come see us for the best in Cybernetic enhancements!

“We’ll cut you… a great deal!”


Stun n’ Gun Weapons

“Whaddya think we sell?  Cantcha read the sign?”

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