Interesting Intelligent Items (teaser of things to come)

Interesting Intelligent Items (teaser of things to come)

“oh, another +1 buckler” *yawns and tosses into sell pile*

Everyone has been there… Players and GMs alike.  The same old treasure.   Everyone wants something new and different, so…

…here’s a couple of teasers on the ‘No Frills’ products coming up soon!

(not final output, just tossing the raw stuff at ya)

+1 Buckler of Wyrmsbreath
Total Value: 20005 gp
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Attributes:Int=17, Wis=19, Cha=16, Ego= 17
Spoken Languages: Common, Sylvan, Giant, Ignan
Senses and Communication: Empathy, Senses (60ft), Telepathy, Read Languages, Speech, Darkvision
Cast Sotto Voce at will
Personality Traits
Is very noisy about treasure
Catch Phrase
Hold my ale and watch this

+2 Heavy Mace
Total Value: 291512 gp
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Attributes:Int=13, Wis=13, Cha=15, Ego= 36
Known Languages: Common, Gnoll
Senses and Communication: Empathy, Senses (60ft), Read Magic, Darkvision, Telepathy, Blindsense, Speech
Item has 5 ranks in Heal
Item can teleport itself 1/day
Item can sprout limbs and move with a speed of 10 feet
Item has 10 ranks in Appraise
Item can cast Forced Repentance 3/day
Item has 10 ranks in Knowledge (Geography)
Item can cast a Wood Shape 1/day
Item can cast River of Wind 1/day
Special Purpose: Defeat or Slay the servants of a specific deity
Special Purpose Power: can use Mass Invisibility at will
Personality Traits
Delighted by puns and other sorts of word games
Very bad liar
Catch Phrase
Time to die




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